When Money Problems are the Tip of the Iceberg...

Stressed About Bills

My name is Pegi Burdick and I would love to welcome you to my site.  I help women sort out what stands in their way of earning more money. On a deeper level, I also help them understand how to avoid allowing finances to become a battleground in their relationships.  

These are the two issues that got in my way six years ago, and it is such a common theme for women.

I always ask my clients:

"Do you have more shoes than savings?"

This always gets a laugh especially when people ask me how many pairs I have!

But for most of us, shoes act like our best friends. They’re low cost to maintain, always there when we need them (ask Carrie Bradshaw) always get a smile from us when we look at them, give us a warm feeling when things are rough, and don’t abandon us when we gain weight. Shoes make us feel good and, for a little while, give us a chance to forget about all of the challenging things going on in our lives.

Sound like anyone you know?

So that’s what I do, I help women understand why they sidestep the real issue (whether it’s self-esteem, shame, pain in their past, whatever) and fill up their lives with things that band-aid the problems instead of really dealing with what’s causing them pain.  

I wrote a book called “It’s Never About The Money … Even When It Is” and I work with clients privately to get rid of those issues so they can get back to what really matters...which is finally enjoying their shoes!    

"This book is a wonderful exploration of how your past experiences with money can keep you in financial disarray for years through unconscious habits of behavior. Read this book and learn how to change your life with money."

-- Author Chellie Campbell

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