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Meet The Financial Whisperer® Pegi Burdick

PegiPicking a therapist or a coach is such personal experience; one size does not fit all. And often the very abilities a client needs to rely upon are the very ones she has difficulty being in touch with: instinct.

The clients I have treated successfully all had the same experience: They left each session feeling empowered with new information to solve a problem. They gained clarity and a fresh perspective. They felt validated that feelings they expressed actually came from something that was identifiable. The tools they gained in our sessions consistently worked, even years later.


The successful clients who came to me all had the same mindset:

  • They were fed up with feeling out of control.
  • If they had children, they worried more than the women without kids.
  • They were frustrated because of all the books they had read, traditional therapists they had seen and empowerment groups they had attended, none got to the root of their problems.
  • They were able to see, right from the first session, that I got to the source of the problem quickly.
  • In the twenty weeks we were together, they got back what had been lost many years ago: themselves.

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My Journey

PegiI began this journey as Vice President of National Sales of a knitwear company owned by a woman and staffed by women.  Its client base was all females.  It was in this environment that I began to understand the unique intricacies of how women communicate, grow, and interact with each other. It was truly an eye-opening experience for me.

Unresolved financial conflicts between the owner and the management team frustrated me, and I left for a more sane, predictable environment, unsure what that would be, but I was open to anything that made sense.

I became a mortgage broker - a position in which the relationship with clients is rooted in trust. As I learned the business, I was amazed at the ways in which so many women had mismanaged their finances. The trusting relationships I developed with these women also afforded me much deeper insight into the intimate details of their lives, and I learned that many of them were coming out of abusive relationships.

They were burdened with house payments they couldn't afford, and had children to feed, but were not receiving financial support from their estranged husbands. The stories and the struggles of my clients inspired me to develop the concept for a business, Home Loans For Women. The company strived to help those women keep their homes and repair their finances, and 5% of the net profit went to support organizations that helped victims of domestic abuse.

These experiences, combined with several years of prior business experience, armed me with the knowledge, skills and passion to create The Financial Whisperer®.

Client Testimonials

sandra-sellani-photoI have to thank you for the time and care you spent in creating your class for women who want to explore their relationship with their money. This is something every woman should know about!

It's amazing that I have been able to have what many would consider a successful career, yet feeling like I just wasn't reaching the level of success I had envisioned for myself, including my financial assets.  It had never occurred to me until... Read more from Sandra Sellani


Tabby BiddlePegi is a mastermind at what she does.  She is "in the zone" when she works with her clients and workshop students.  She helps her students connect deeper truths to why they are not succeeding financially.  It is not just about balancing a checkbook that Pegi addresses in her workshops (although she does this, too), it is about uncovering the root of the issues that hold her students back. Read more from Tabby Biddle


teresa web020609I just wanted to highly recommend The Financial Whisperer to anyone who has money issues.

Pegi Burdick conducts both financial workshops for women as well as private consultations. I have worked with her both individually, as well as participating in her workshops since June.  Her vast experience and support have changed my fears, sense of hopelessness, and frustration about my finances.  I have met women just like me and have learned to trust myself as well as others through my work with Pegi.

She is non-judgmental, patient, and willing to listen and to really hear what is going on. Talking about money is not an 'easy topic of conversation' for most of us, but with Pegi and her workshops it has become easier for me to open up about my financial concerns. Read more from Teresa Anne Power


jenn-2Hello Ladies!

"Not for the faint of heart!"  I wanted to recommend a wonderful and eye-opening workshop taught by our very own Pegi Burdick!  I have been taking this workshop for three weeks, and it has changed the way I view money and how I approach my spending habits.

The class is a bit like therapy (group therapy if there is someone else there) and that's a GREAT thing.  It feels like a safe place to discuss how you deal with and think about money, but attacking it from a completely different direction.  I have found that my money stuff comes from other, more personal areas of my life, and it directly relates to the money and "deserving" part of my life. Read more from Jennifer Hardaway