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California Swing

Jan 2014

Care 2

4 Money Mistakes You Make While Dating

He does the California swing. You follow gracefully. He changes pace with the cha-cha. You follow suit (you have some fabulous moves). He then starts on the tango, and you start to ponder some future moves. He has you in a dazzle of fancy foot work, but you are not paying attention to the other signals he is displaying. 

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Huffington Post

Hufington Post

I'm so happy to share that I was picked as one of 2014's 50 over 50 on the Huffington Post.  My journey is one that so many can relate to because it all started with a mis-aligned relationship with money and from that... I made all kinds of bad, unrealistic and arguably poor choices around relationships AND money.  Once I realized that my beliefs about myself were really at the root of my financial challenges, the work began and life changed.  You can read more about this special honor from the Huffington Post here and I'm happy to share more of the story with anyone looking to change their relationship money.  As I've always said, "if you have more shoes than money in the bank, you and I may very well have something to talk about!" 

Saving Money: Thrifty or Cheap

Mom Logic

Wendy Thomas: At a recent soccer game, I was talking with one mom whose husband was out of work and who had recently gone back to work because "she had to." Money was tight in the household. The subject of her son's birthday came up, and she lowered her voice so the other soccer moms couldn't hear as she told me about her themed party held at a park with outdoor games and homemade cake. "It didn't cost much, and the kids had a blast," she told me.

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Emotional & Spiritual

Nov 2013

Care 2

By Pegi Burdick for

So often, people ask me why I focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects of a woman's life when she is dealing with financial concerns. My response is that looking for a financial advisor or seeking debt-elimination tips doesn't really solve a woman's underlying issues about money. Building financial awareness for women begins on a much deeper level.


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L.A. Parent Magazine

LA Parent Parenthood

When his mother passed away two years ago, my husband, Steve, inherited the arduous task of helping his dad and brothers go through all the things she had accumulated in her 78 years. Jeanne Graham tended to keep everything, from flowers she had dried from a Mother's Day bouquet in 1991 to "well-used" (broken) kitchen utensils (still better than the ones they make today, she would reason). But nothing offered a more intriguing glimpse into her psyche than what they stumbled upon in her writing desk...

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Self-Growth Magazine

Self Growth

We all read inspirational books, listen to recordings that sometimes sound as if it is new information, and promise ourselves we will do better tomorrow. And then tomorrow arrives, and we are totally some place else, forgetting our promise. Healing is a choice. And when we choose not to shift our thoughts, not to gain a perspective, we are basically telling ourselves we do not deserve better.

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