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Topics Pegi Burdick Can Discuss in Media Interviews

  • Why So Many Women Who Seem Successful are Secretly Unhappy
  • How Women Sabotage their Happiness
  • Signs that You Might be Sabotaging Yourself
  • The Glass Prison that’s Trapping So Many Women
  • Why It’s Never Really about the Money
  • The Real Cause of Anger and How to Manage It
  • The Relationship between Your Mother and Your Money
  • Why It’s Worth Exploring Your Past to Create a Happier Future
  • Procrastination is Not about Laziness - Pegi’s Tools to Move through It
  • What’s Beneath the Mess and Chaos, and How to “Clean” It Up
  • How to Identify When You’re Losing Control
  • The Five-minute Fix to Eliminate STRESS
  • Symptoms that You Might Not be Living Your Authentic Life
  • When is it okay to Admit You are not Happy
  • The Guilt over Feeling Happy
  • The ROADMAP out of Your Unhappiness
  • And many more


Pegi began her journey as Vice President of National Sales of a knitwear company owned by a woman and staffed by women. Its client base was all females. It was in this environment that she began to understand the unique intricacies of how women communicate, grow, and interact with each other. It was truly an eye-opening experience for her.

Unresolved financial conflicts between the owner and the management team frustrated her and she left for a more sane, predictable environment, unsure what that would be.

She became a mortgage broker. As she learned the business, she was amazed at the ways in which so many women had mismanaged their finances. The trusting relationships she developed with these women also afforded her a much deeper insight into the intimate details of their lives, and she learned that many of them were coming out of abusive relationships.

They were burdened with house payments they couldn't afford, and had children to feed, but were not receiving financial support from their estranged husbands. The stories and the struggles of her clients inspired her to develop the concept for a business, Home Loans For Women. The company strived to help those women keep their homes and repair their finances, and 5% of the net profit went to support organizations that helped victims of domestic abuse.

These experiences, combined with several years of prior business experience, armed her with the knowledge, skills and passion to create The Financial Whisperer®.

She wrote her third book: It's NEVER about the money...even when it is, as a foundation on which to build a life of fulfillment. The revision was released May 2015.

What people are saying about Pegi Burdick

After working with Pegi, I no longer go on shopping sprees when stressed. I don’t have money guilt when I do buy myself something. My debt has been reduced by 55%. I now have some funds left in my account when the next paycheck arrives and it feels wonderful. I finally feel at ease with myself.
Lynn Cornelius
Milwaukee, MN

Pegi is brilliant, spot on with her analysis, and creates a comfortable environment in which women can share sensitive issues and not feel shamed. She is a master at identifying the root of an issue in laser-quick time and then offering a tool to repair the issue. I now balance my checkbook, which I could never bring myself to do before I started working with her.
Sophie B. Hakim
Los Angeles, CA

Her method of bringing a person from insecurity to confidence is as practical as it is powerful and I can absolutely attest that it was her way (hilarious, wise and consistent) combined with practical weekly exercises that helped me get through my divorce with grace and love.
Mary C. Shurett
Los Angeles, CA

I recommend this class for anyone who feels like something might be getting in the way of their financial dreams.  In many cases ­WE are that something and we get in our own way.  Thank you for shining a light on areas that I can improve. The teachings of this class will remain with me for life.
Sandra Sellani
The Sellani Group Brand Strategists
Newport Beach, CA


Pegi Burdick 

Los Angeles, CA 

Cell/Text: 818-645-1770