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All too often we miss the hidden connection between our money and our feelings.

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finances as fabulous as your shoes

Are Your Finances as Fabulous as Your Shoes?

Carrie Bradshaw had it right; shoes are a girl’s best friend but maybe your piggy bank might be a better choice.  There are many reasons that we attach so much emotional value to our shoe purchases.

After all, our shoes never judge us, they don’t abandon us if we move up a skirt size, and they never leave the seat up or dishes in the sink. Reliable as they are, they will always be there when we need them: wellies for rain, sneakers for kickboxing, flats for dating a short guy, and espadrilles for the Hamptons.

Something about each different style seems to capture the attitude we want to silently proclaim to the world on any given day. If we’re trying for a conservative look, the penny loafers come out, but if it’s time for the flirty heels when we’re feeling sexy, we are all smiles.  When it’s time to enjoy a little “me” time, only the comfiest bunny slippers will do. 

Most importantly, wearing the right pair of shoes can make us joyful and bring a little pep back to our step, even on the dreariest days.  And when someone notices, we feel like a million bucks.

But It’s no wonder it’s easier to talk about our shoes than our money especially when we have SHAME about money. Avoiding the conversation about whether we are earning enough to retire, or how our bankruptcy can affect our relationships, or whether it’s time to leave our comfort zone and find a better-paying job, can trigger feelings that we wish would stay in the closet far away from our shoes. Maybe it’s time to start thinking of our money like shoes. 

Healthy finances can empower us in many different situations, build our confidence, and give us a sense of control.  The trick is to find out how to make our choices fit into a shoebox, regardless of how much we have … or don’t have. 

Maybe right now it’s time to be a bit conservative with your money, saving up for the future or paying down some of your debts.   Or maybe it’s time to take a calculated risk that will help you make the jump to your dream career. 

Perhaps now is the moment to become accountable with your finances, so you can start skipping down the yellow brick road.

If you’re ready to start making your wallet your best friend, these suggestions will help you…

  • Be kinder to yourself. Even when situations seem bleak, they can be a window of opportunity to learn more about yourself and gain control.
  • Take the pressure off. You will find the best answer, but you don’t always get it immediately.
  • Believe you are resilient, smart, and capable of doing anything you set your mind to do. It helps to make a list of your strengths. 

Remember: you are the best version of yourself. 

If you struggle with patting yourself on the back, pretend you are talking about someone else. Write down specifics about what you want your life to look and feel like five years from now. 

If that’s too daunting, think about 12 months from now.  Reverse-engineer your ideal future to build the path that will help you achieve those goals.  Set small, sustainable goals that you can measure weekly, and keep yourself accountable daily. 

 Set up a savings account…(this is what I did 15 years ago:) I multiplied the number of shoes I had..64, times the avg price $200=$12,800.00. And now have $150,000 in cash set aside.  The game I played with myself was: 

  • I set a goal of $200/month to save to start. As I gained confidence, I added more $ but kept the commitment of $200, and kept myself accountable. 

My savings increased and more importantly, I felt confident and willing to move to the next level of building my business.

 If I can do it, so can you!

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You Talkin’ to Me?

The voices in our heads are hidden in plain sight. We all have them… welcome to being human. Often those voices are snarky and negative, rarely of praise and compliment. Those internal conversations tend to be one-sided and slowly lull us into the pit of shame, the cauldron of fear, the repository of feelings. And, when those voices start to creep into how we feel about ourselves, our bodies respond by extremes: overeating or not eating, sleeping too much, getting up multiple times during the night, or feeling ‘off.’ As …

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It's NEVER About the Money
...Even When it Is

It’s NEVER About the Money…Even When it Is uses words that are common to everyone and puts them into a refreshing perspective to show how we confuse our emotions with our finances.

The book digs deep and raises eyebrows; some of the observations are startling. The book comes from one woman’s journey of healing from almost financial ruin to peace and stability.

Pegi states, “If I can do it without a masters degree, so can you. It takes compassion, hard work and courage.” Using client stories to illustrate a point, the book also provides tools that can be used immediately.

Your emotions control every aspect of your life

The tool I call the Respect-O-Meter allows you to stay in the moment and ask yourself if you’re making wise decisions. When you choose wisely, you feel as if your world is in alignment things add up and the daily process of life flows easily around us and through us.

But when you choose poorly, you give up your healing powers and temporarily forget all that you committed to doing in the past.

The good news is that with each poor decision comes an opportunity to change things. In fact, each and every moment is an opportunity to choose again and to choose wisely.

This means that as you dance with your decisions, you are gaining self-respect and deepening your commitment to create a life that lives up to your own personal integrity.


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