Your Financial Whisperer Coach


I have made a successful career out of understanding individuals and small business owners. I have built several million-dollar businesses, including a restaurant in New York City and a construction company and a mortgage brokerage in Los Angeles.

I also have the distinction of having had 22 jobs and four businesses since I was sixteen years old.

In 2007, I experienced my own personal financial crisis that led me to discover how people’s feelings about themselves can impact their financial choices.

Out of my journey, the Financial Whisperer Coaching Series was born. To work with me is to take a deep dive into your complicated backstory. My uncanny ability to quickly identify the core issue a person is struggling with can enable my clients to move forward where traditional therapists and coaches have failed.

As one client told me, “you remind me of the coach from
The King’s Speech.”

Why You Should Work with Pegi

I lead my clients on a journey to discover where they are out of alignment with their goals. My use of humor and unique tools empower people to finally get control back in their lives.

My first book, A Mother’s Guide to Teaching her Children About Money, was published in 2009. My second book, What Every Woman Needs to Understand About Getting a Mortgage, came out in 2010. My latest book, It’s NEVER About the Money … Even When it Is, was revised in 2016.

It's NEVER About the Money
...Even When it Is

It’s NEVER About the Money … Even When it Is uses words that are common to everyone and puts them into a refreshing perspective to show how we confuse our emotions with our finances.

The book digs deep and raises eyebrows—some of the observations are startling. The book comes from one woman’s journey of healing from almost financial ruin to peace and stability.

Pegi states, “If I can do it without a master’s degree, so can you. It takes compassion, hard work, and courage.” Using client stories to illustrate a point, the book also provides tools that can be used immediately.

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