fear is not a stop sign

Fear Is Not A Stop Sign

For the last year and a half I have been working with a branding coach trying to define once and for all what exactly I do. The name FINANCIAL WHISPERER® sounds like I manage portfolios, or at the very least, dispense 401K information. As well, when I meet people, I spend the first 30 seconds explaining what I don’t do, and by then I’ve lost them, they’ve moved onto higher ground. It’s been frustrating, confusing, occasionally anxiety driven and has pecked away at my confidence when networking, because my definition has never been accurate.

I never talk about money; I always talk about the emotions that drive the behaviors that cause consequences in all of our relationships, money being one of them.

I was caught in the barb-wire between the language of life-coaching and the assumptions about the Financial Whisperer®. It has been a mess, to say the least.

It got further complicated by my decision to make my coaching practice scalable by getting sponsors, and what do they dislike? The words LIFE COACH. What do they like: FINANCIAL WHISPERER®!

How do I balance both in perception?

The answer, I think, lies in my new website, due to be out in June.

I would love to hear from you, especially former clients who actually experienced the transformative process, going from being lost and powerless to stepping into their own authentic self and expanding their own unique sense of competence.

My sense of competence came late in life in spite of having a great track record of starting successful businesses. This journey of branding, defining, and expanding, has forced me to slow down, breathe and let go.

Learning the ropes of social networking has been frustrating, and being forced out of my comfort zone to sharpen my writing skills, has called out my self-sabotage side, which has become my partner in crime; where I go, she follows.

But, I did finally say to my ‘partner’ at one point: FEAR is not a STOP SIGN; it’s a barometer reading. That’s all. Keep going.

The major lesson I have learned in these many, many months is not to give up in spite of the frustration and underlying fear.

Surround yourself with top-notch people, even if they break the bank. LISTEN to them And, TRUST that the right answers will come to you when you are ready.

I must be ready because the HUFFINGTON POST selected me and 49 others out of 1300 applicants who reinvented themselves after 50.

Two weeks ago, Lisa Garr, whose radio show I have been trying to get onto for 2 1/2 years, called me to be on her Sept 16th show…I am ready for my close up, Mr DeMille!

And, the US NEWS and WORLD REPORT Aug 22nd, quoted me in an article about kids and money.

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And, if you need some support getting your finances in order, please reach out. I’m happy to schedule a consultation call to see how I can support you in reaching your goals.
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