Are We A Good Fit?

Feeling heard, feeling like the coach
“gets” you, feeling safe.

You came to my site to see if I could help you solve a personal problem that you think is about money, but as we talk, you will quickly see it’s not about something else.

In the twenty weeks to follow, you will get tips and tools to solve some of your immediate concerns and move forward to meet your goals.

After every session, you will gain clarity, find footprints to follow, and feel validated.

Sign up for a FREE 30 minute conversation and let your feelings decide what to do next.

Working With Your Financial Coach

financial coach pegi

If you’re someone who has more shoes than savings, we should talk. I’d love to help you untangle your emotions from your money and attain that amazing sense of freedom that you’ve been dreaming about once and for all.

Finding the right coach or client is all about chemistry; the conversation should feel as natural as if you were catching up with an old friend.

Clients most often report feeling heard and understood by me from the very start. My approach is simple and strategic, and the insight gained is able to be applied to your life with velocity.

Through my personal journey from financial ruin to recovery, I have become an expert in teaching women how to separate their emotions from their money. My motto, “you need to live it to teach it,” is the organic basis for the sometimes-unexpected methodology I employ to guide people from financial chaos to self-respect and control.

My tips and tools amaze people with their simplicity and enduring effectiveness. It’s a 20 week program. Cost: $4,000 for 20 one-hour sessions.

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