Pegi shares tips and tools to help you with your emotions over money. As a financial coach, Pegi shares her experiences to give advice.

finances as fabulous as your shoes

Are Your Finances As Sexy As Your Shoes?

Carrie Bradshaw had it right; shoes are a girl’s best friend but maybe your piggy bank might be a better choice.  There are many reasons …

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make change

9 Tips To Point Your Kids Toward Financial Success

What To Do When Your Kids Are Clueless About Money So often I hear parents lament about how their children can’t seem to manage their …

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Do you talk to yourself?

The voices in our heads are hidden in plain sight. We all have them… welcome to being human. Often those voices are snarky and negative, …

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love or money

For Love or Money

Find success in love AND your career! I was reviewing some clients’ profiles a while back and started to see a consistent sub-group forming; single, …

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When nurturing requires saying ‘no.’

Many weeks ago, I came across my baby book. My mother had kept notes about me until I was four. I did not speak until …

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Over-Spender Meets Under-Earner

A woman meets a man at the tennis courts… they’re both in the pro shop purchasing balls. They date. They fall in love. On the …

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