Pegi shares tips and tools to help you with your emotions over money. As a financial coach, Pegi shares her experiences to give advice.


The Secret Lives of Boys

I was talking to a mother the other day about the tragedy of the fatal car accident at her son’s school. The classmate who died …

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How Our Childhood Affects Our Finances

We all read inspirational books, listen to a recording that sometimes sounds as if it is new information, and promise ourselves we will do better …

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Are you dating a Financial disaster?

The less you know the more you’ll pay. This was my motto when I was a mortgage broker. When you’re dating, the last thing you’re …

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The Magic of Intimacy

Intimacy is learned at birth. The first eight to ten months of an infant’s life is the critical building block of time in his or …

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shame can be the portal

Shame: The More You Hide It, The Deeper It Gets

Shame is huge. Quoting psychologist Michael Lewis, medical correspondent Holly Van Scoy calls it “the quintessential emotion.” Donald I. Nathanson, M.D., said, “All extravagant behaviors …

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You should not need to ask permission to be who you are. It’s about control: who has it, who needs it, how does one get …

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