Pegi shares tips and tools to help you with your emotions over money. As a financial coach, Pegi shares her experiences to give advice.


Perfection… the Endless Journey

The drive for PERFECTION is learned very early in one’s childhood. It is based upon the assumption that if we are “perfect” we will be …

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Not Feeling Worthy

I love talent shows and makeovers. Yes, I love the FAB 5 and wish I could have lunch with them. And Britain’s Got Talent is …

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glass ceiling

When the Glass Ceiling Becomes the Glass Prison

This is Barbara’s story… There comes the day when you wake up and feel bewildered as to where you are. You just know that you …

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debt define you

8 Tips to Save Your Marriage

Why Less Money Doesn’t Have to Mean More Problems. We have been living in a financially inflated economy for over seven years. Though in some …

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holiday stress part 2

Surviving The Holiday Stress, Pt. 2

Here are some great tips from one of my former clients, Kristan! Are you dreaming of a debt free Christmas? I have to admit that …

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surviving the holiday stress 1

Surviving The Holiday Stress, Pt. 1

The holidays always stir up memories, and with them, feelings of guilt and expectations, especially when it comes to gift-giving. Somewhere along the line, how …

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