Pegi shares tips and tools to help you with your emotions over money. As a financial coach, Pegi shares her experiences to give advice.


Perfection – The Journey Without a Destination

The drive to perfection is learned very early in one’s childhood as a misconception that if we are “perfect” we will be loved. But in …

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bonding decisions

Bonding Is the Driving Force Behind All Decisions

Bonding is the term used to describe the dynamic of merging underlying needs to behaviors, which will then be the driving force behind every decision …

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kids too much information about money

Can You Give Your Kids Too Much Information About Money?

Several years ago we had a program where people could write their questions and we would provide answers. We found this little gem and wanted …

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shame can be the portal

Shame can be the portal to intimacy in your relationship

What you avoid will control your relationship. As women, shame comes in our starter kit. The perception that we, as authentically born, are not “good …

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vacation without going broke

Go On Vacation Without Going Broke

It’s no secret that people spend more time planning their vacations than they do their retirement. Vacations and Christmas battle for which one gets the …

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over spender meets under earner

Over-Spender Meets Under-Earner

A woman meets a man at the tennis courts…they’re both in the pro shop purchasing balls. They date. They fall in love. On the surface, …

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