Pegi shares tips and tools to help you with your emotions over money. As a financial coach, Pegi shares her experiences to give advice.

financial life around

How To Turn Your Financial Life Around

Some people at times feel as though they are living someone else’s life — what they say, how they feel, and what they do never …

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childhood affects our choices as adults

How Our Childhood Affects Our Choices As Adults

We all read inspirational books, listen to recordings that sometimes sound as if it is new information, and promise ourselves we will do better tomorrow. …

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antidote to fear

How Competence Is the Antidote to Fear

Let me start by saying that whoever decided that white tile was a good idea should spend 3 months in floor washing purgatory; they will …

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permission to be your true self

Your True Self

As a coach, I have been helping women over the last nine years get clarity as to why they have financial stress and how to …

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needs are showing

Whoops! Your needs are showing…

Many weeks ago, I came across my baby book. My mother had kept notes about me until I was four. She commented that I started …

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tension in your marriage

The $$ Tension In Your Marriage

Why Less Money Doesn’t Have To Mean More Problems We have been living in a financially insecure economy for over seven years and even though …

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