This is your chance to be 100 percent honest with yourself.

If you recognize yourself too often in these following questions, call me for a FREE consultation as to HOW to help you be less stressed about your finances.

It’s time to move on and get rid of your SHAME around money and live the life you deserve.

The Financial Whisperer® Quiz

This is a very easy quiz. It has 19 questions and and they all are worth 1 point.
Your answers then create a ratio.  Your results will be show at the end.
Just know that no matter which 'yes' you answered, there is a solution.

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Does your DEBT exceed 18% of your income?

2 / 19

Do you have SHAME about money?

3 / 19

Do you shy away from INTIMACY because you struggle with money?

4 / 19

Do you back off from conversations about MONEY?

5 / 19

Do you feel underpaid and sometimes think: "If only I could..."

6 / 19

Is it too challenging to set spending limits with your children?

7 / 19

Do you have a savings account...and maybe an emergency fund account?

8 / 19

Do you make monthly contributions to your SAVINGS?

9 / 19

Does DEPRESSION sometimes creep in, making you feel more isolated?

10 / 19

Do you struggle to set BOUNDARIES?

11 / 19

Does "LETTING GO" sometimes feel impossible?

12 / 19

Do others sometimes complain you are too much of a PERFECTIONIST?

13 / 19

Who has CONTROL over your choices, you or your fears?

14 / 19

Do you keep COMMITMENTS to others but slack off to yourself?

15 / 19

Do you have COMPASSION for others but not yourself?

16 / 19

Do you underearn but overspend?

17 / 19

When the holidays arrive, do you spend too much and keep telling yourself you will pay it off in the winter?

18 / 19

Is GUILT sometimes the driving force in spending?

19 / 19

Do you shop to feel better?

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