Healing Tools from the Financial Whisperer

Along my journey of self-discovery, I created images that explain why so many of the issues we face are tricky to fix. Below are my three favorite tools that show how things are related and how when you start to work on one issue, new issues rise up to be addressed. These tools came out of the work I was doing with clients. I used to handwrite notes—drawings, if you will—to help explain some of the more complex topics we were discussing. Eventually, there was such a strong response that I decided to get them drawn properly, copyright them, and give them away for free!

So here are my tools: 

  • The Emotional Wagon Wheel
  • The Road Map To Freedom
  • The Respect-O-Meter

I hope they can help you just as they have helped my other clients along the way!

It's NEVER About the Money
... Even When it Is

How to Untangle Your Emotions From Your Money

Check Out Pegi's Book

When my life unraveled in 2007, I spent the next twelve months trying to understand how I became a statistic in my own financial war.

On that journey, I read authors who were insightful and healing. And, from that place of softness, I discovered my true passion and what made my life feel purposeful.

I’ve always had the mindset that if something is true for me, it’s probably true for someone else.

As I started to heal, starbursts of revelations would explode in my brain causing continuous AH-HA moments. Those moments converted into vocabulary—one honest, a distilled word that identified the feeling I was experiencing.

How and what we feel is part of our identity, and that is what my book is basically about: twenty-five words that have a profound impact on our daily lives.

Everyone who reads it, especially women, asks me: how did I know their childhood so well? Was I a fly on their bedroom wall?

I hope the book resonates with you as it has for so many other people.

Eliminate Your Financial Stress Program

  • Three out of five women over 65 cannot afford to cover their basic needs.
  • Studies show that in the first year after a divorce, the wife’s standard of living drops 27%.
  • The Wallstreet Journal reports that 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.
  • One out five woman in America are on anti- depressants 

These are scary statistics that are not going away, especially at this time of great change in our country. 

I am an expert on financial denial. I lived that way for 58 years, through 22 jobs, four businesses, and two husbands.

My life took some surprising twists and turns, including almost going over my own financial cliff. After surviving that crisis, I have decided to devote myself specifically to helping women grow personally and financially through gaining self-awareness and creating effective tools that cause transformative results.

During my twenty-week program, you will uncover strengths you never knew you had. You will learn about the subtle messages you absorbed growing up and will gain permission to finally let them go. You will feel real joy, finally. And your finances will become stable and predictable.

First initial consultation is FREE.

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