How is it to work with Pegi?


I met Pegi at a networking event and I found what she had to say intriguing.

Money was not something we discussed when I was growing up.  If anything, it was referred to as not growing on trees, hard to come by, and in short supply, which left me feeling anxious and unsafe.

When we had our first phone conversation, I felt as if I was catching up with an old friend ; she really understood me.
I still use the suggestions she gave me to this day. She’s a real master at getting to the core of your issue while uncovering hidden gems along the way. I have had so many “ah-ha” moments!

The best part is that she tells you how to solve what’s going on and leaves you with tangible results.

—Sophie Hakim, Health and Wellness Coach

I just finished working with Pegi and have definitely felt a shift not only in my perception of money but in my whole self. I’m much more confident, awake, and able to delve deeper into my career (as opposed to sabotaging it).

Pegi is a master at instantly recognizing your judgments and issues around money and assigning the perfect exercise to get you to overcome them.

Money is a loaded topic for absolutely everyone, and Pegi is a master of showing you how you really feel about it so you can move on and start welcoming real wealth into your life.

Working with Pegi is like taking a monetary superhero pill! I would recommend her to anyone. She was born to do this.

—Jen Sincero, Author of You Are a Badass

Sandra Sellani

I have to thank you for the time and care you spent in creating your class for women who want to explore their relationships with money. This is something every woman should know about!

What amazed me the most was how quickly I saw changes in my life that I attribute directly to your class. One has to be ready to work at this class because if you are ready, you will see change. I think women must know that it is important that they trust you on this journey and trust themselves.

I recommend this class for anyone who feels like something might be getting in the way of their financial dreams. In many cases, ­WE are that something getting in our own way. Thank you for shining a light on areas that I can improve. The teachings of this class will remain with me for life.

Sandra Sellani, Principal at the Sellani Group Brand Strategists

When I began working with Pegi, I was not sure exactly what to expect in terms of how my financial situation would change. Clearly, I understood there was something else going on that was impacting my finances, but I hadn’t the slightest idea the work would be this deep and rewarding.

After years of “healing” and “self-work” on the journey, I was amazed at the new layers of development that showed up for me. Somehow Pegi was able to be there with a few words—rather than asking lots of questions—that began bringing me to a place where I could put the puzzle together on my own.

Her acute ability to listen on various levels has enabled me to see myself in a different light, one that is empowering and truly gratifying.

Working with Pegi has allowed me to bring consciousness to the unconscious self that has been guiding and living my life on various paths, including the financial self. Knowing the fruits of our labor are only a reflection of the roots, Pegi’s work heals and transforms to change those fruits for the long haul.

Regardless of your situation and circumstances, Pegi would be an amazing resource for encouraging you to continue on your path.

—Talisa Villa

Pegi is a mastermind at what she does. She is “in the zone” when she works with her clients and workshop students. She helps her students connect deeper truths to why they are not succeeding financially. It is not just balancing a checkbook that Pegi addresses in her workshops (although she does this, too), it is about uncovering the roots of the issues that hold her students back.

I have been working with Pegi over a three-month period in a semi-private workshop with one other participant. Since the start of the workshop, I have taken on many old-time fears such as writing a budget, tracking my finances, learning and using QuickBooks, taking a part-time job for cash flow as I grow my clothing business, and having discussions about money. What once felt dark and deep and beyond me now is exciting and fresh and inviting.

Pegi’s workshop is not for the faint of heart (as I heard one friend describe it). It is for someone who is ready to face her financial issues head-on with heart and soul. It is Pegi’s holistic approach that gives her students long-lasting results. None of what Pegi offers are “quick-fixes.” She offers long-term empowering solutions.

I highly recommend Pegi’s program to every woman out there. You will walk away enriched, empowered, enlivened, and with the ability to not take things so seriously (but at the same time, to be serious about making things work for YOU)! Pegi is a pure joy to work with. She has a hysterical sense of humor and a fine-tuned intuition that can launch you to your next levels!

—Tabby Biddle, Owner and Designer of TabbyBiddle.com

I highly recommend the Financial Whisperer to anyone who has money issues.

Pegi Burdick conducts both financial workshops for women and private consultations. I have worked with her in both capacities. Her vast experience and support have changed my fears, sense of hopelessness, and frustration about my finances. I have met women just like me, and I have learned to trust myself as well as others through my work with Pegi.

She is nonjudgmental, patient, and willing to listen and really hear what is going on. Talking about money is not an easy topic of conversation for most of us, but with Pegi and her workshops, it has become easier for me to open up about my financial concerns.

—Teresa Anne Power
Yoga Instructor and Author of the Award-Winning Book The ABCs of Yoga for Kids | abcyogaforkids.com

“Not for the faint of heart!” I wanted to recommend a wonderful and eye-opening workshop taught by our very own Pegi Burdick! I have been taking this workshop for three weeks, and it has changed the way I view money and how I approach my spending habits.

The class is a bit like therapy (group therapy, if there is someone else there), and that’s a GREAT thing. It feels like a safe place to discuss how you deal with and think about money, but approaching these topics from a completely different direction. I have found that my money stuff comes from other, more personal areas of my life that directly relate to the money and “deserving” part of my life.

Pegi is direct and purposeful in what she teaches. I feel I have her undivided attention. She wants to get to the bottom of things so I can move on and start bringing more abundance into my life. I can’t recommend it enough—and she’s funny, too!

—Jennifer Hardaway, Owner of PhoebePeacock.com

I just had to take a quick moment to sing the praises of Pegi Burdick, aka the Financial Whisperer.

I recently began taking her private workshop and I feel that her process, in-depth style, and techniques are truly helping me quickly uncover and work through my challenges relating to money. She is really gifted at gently holding a mirror to your life and providing the tools for growth and change.

If you have ever had any struggles surrounding money that you want to break free of, I wholeheartedly recommend taking Pegi’s workshop because she is a master at what she does and a delight to work with.

—Romy Schorr, Owner of Schorr Creative Solutions, Inc. | schorrsolutions.com

Pegi’s coaching has helped me to let go of people and activities that no longer serve me and to set solid boundaries and stick to them—without guilt! I had been practically starving myself and wasn’t taking care of my health at all!

My anxiety has decreased, I’ve learned to “tap,” and I meditate almost every day. Over the years, I have been to several psychologists, a Jungian analyst, a past-life regression hypnotist, a personal trainer, and even a few psychics—HA! None of them offered the insight, wisdom, humor, warmth, and support that Pegi did.

Her coaching has literally changed my life! I am eternally grateful and recommend her services to everyone I know with great enthusiasm and confidence. If you’re considering a life coach—you just found the BEST!

—Kristan Cicero, MS, CRC, LPC, MSCC, KVS Consulting Services, Rehabilitation Consultant/Vocational Expert

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