divorce isn't always bad

Getting divorced, each time (2) really was a godsend; it freed me up to live my life with respect.

The first time I was married, it was for love, or so I thought. I was too young emotionally (25) and I was not grounded enough to be a ‘good’ wife. I was living with the traditional values I was brought up with; marry a Doctor, Lawyer ….who makes a good living, have kids, be happy (ha!)

Well, he was a lawyer, but I could not get my needs met..we divorced 3 yrs later…he went on to marry a woman who did want the country club life…..and children..we occasionally speak, he is happy and so am I, but there are times when I do wonder, what would it be like today…We never really knew each other, we were too young.

I was devastated by the divorce but it did force me to move onto to a career (cooking) that made me happy for many years…

Husband #2 was in my late forties and I really made a bad choice because I was desperate and felt worthless….he had $37.00 in his pocket, I had a booming construction company in Los Angeles, owned a home, I had worked hard to make a million dollars…

But, as I really started to start to find myself, I became increasingly

unhappy with his passiveness and after 11 years, called it quits. I was angry I had put myself into a bind and his money issues and my inability to set boundaries created a lot of debt…which turned out to be an amazing blessing:

I created the Financial Whisperer® Workshop series and wrote a book: It’s Never About The Money…Even When It is.

Today, I live an authentic life and have blessings all around me, daily.

Getting divorced gives someone the push to move on and make the choice to live a life they can own and not live with fear and isolation.

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